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Bunny like chuu~


Bunny like chuu~~

I'm Samira, 18, born Swedish although Indian and Persian gens.
I made this journal for my personal use only so I want only close and devoted friends on this journal and no "let me friend you..*after 1 week* no reply whatsoever-kind of friend". If you want to do that then feel free to add heart_music_ which is my professional LJ.
With that said, let me mention my current favourite fandoms:
Black iPod, Jpop, Kpop, NewS, Shigeaki Kato, Wagahai, KoyaShige, SHINee,Tea, Eat healthy, Photoshoping, Psychology, Med school, Neuroscience, Encouragement.

I ♥ NewS
If you feel like adding me then please do check the interest list. It's waaaaay easier to stay friends then (^.^)>

userinfo by Stephanie
Jong Hyun header by mintealeafpixel.